Dr. David Dubin

David Dubin, MD, HPN & LENS Practitioner

Dr. Dubin graduated from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and then completed a residency in Emergency Medicine. He subsequently worked as an Associate Clinical Professor of Outpatient Medicine at Boston University. After a career of more than ten years in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Dubin founded Cambridge Medical Consultants, providing Occupational and Environmental Medicine consulting to hospitals and corporations.

Disenchanted with treating patients primarily with medication, he researched Neurofeedback and found significant improvement in his own brain physiology.

Dr. Dubin started treating patients and saw rapid, meaningful and often dramatic results. Equally remarkable, he found these changes to be enduring.

His experience echoed recent research in neuroplasticity demonstrating new possibilities for growth and change within the brain. Dr. Dubin soon decided to dedicate his career exclusively to the practice of Neurofeedack.

He founded The Dubin Clinic for Neurofeedback where he provides HPN – High Performance Neurofeedback and LENS Neurofeedback to adults, adolescents, and children.