Patient Testimonials

“The best word I had for this was “magic”. This is a revolutionary treatment I would recommend to anyone desperately seeking relief for chronic anxiety.”

Jon Montgomery

” My life is falling apart and I am still feeling fine! Indeed, I am in the middle of the most challenging “event” of my life…. Yet i don’t feel emotionally rocked like I would have in the past. Yes, I have my moments of crying, but I am still able work and focus on the big picture without getting swept away by the emotional details.”

Lauren B.


“For years I’ve dealt with severe anxiety and depression,and neither prescription nor natural treatments provided relief. The LENS treatment has absolutely changed my life, the way I feel on a daily basis, and incredibly enough has increased my daily mood and overall level of happiness. The best word I had for this was magic. This is a revolutionary treatment I would recommend to anyone desperately seeking relief for chronic anxiety.”

Jon Montgomery

“After doing neurofeedback, I no longer fear being overwhelmed. Having suffered from anxiety for some time, I used to feel like I was always scrambling to keep overwhelm at bay, whether it was coming from my thoughts, my feelings, or the events of life. Now, I am more at ease. I am comfortable with myself and with the world. I have the confidence to explore and stretch the boundaries of my capabilities. I trust in my ability to handle what comes my way. ”

Aaron C


“When I first paid a visit to David I could barely make it to his office, which is only about 1/2 mile from my home. I had been a pedestrian struck by a car, and now this was my life with PTSD–panic, anxiety, barely being able to go anywhere alone. I had tried everything–hypnosis, trauma healing, supplements…..nothing really worked. I even tried prescription drugs as a last resort, but they were just awful. I really thought I was going to end up in a straight jacket.

After a few treatments, I could go many more places alone without panicking. The terrible thoughts I had been experiencing started becoming less frequent. I started to feel more normal. I am so happy I found this treatment and it was just luck that I came across David. I am not quite where I want to be just yet but I am 90% better in just 2 months, which is amazing. And the more confident I become the more I venture further a field. I suffered for over a year with PTSD and would never want to experience it again. This treatment really works!”

Lisa Emberton

Head Trauma

“A few years ago, I suffered concussions in two accidents. While my brain damage was not severe, I did experience lingering symptoms. Since undergong LENS neurofeedback treatments with Dr. David Dubin, I have noticed an increase in mental clarity, and definite improvement in my ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time. I feel far more relaxed and better equipped to cope with everyday stress. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Dubin for his services.”

Frank S.


I am 41 years old and have suffered from depression for most of my life. Over the years I have had several major episodes that nearly destroyed me. I have lost jobs, dropped out of grad school, and alienated friends all because of this horrible sadness that was always with me and often times was too painful to bear.

Over the course of three hospitalizations, numerous drug treatments, and years of therapy, I noticed some improvement at times, but the depression always returned.

So I must admit that I was skeptical when my therapist suggested that I talk with Dr. Dubin about LENS therapy. But at that point I was in such bad shape emotionally that I was game for almost anything.

Well, the results were nearly immediate for me. The only way I know to describe the effect is to say that my mind feels more solid; more locked in.

I never noticed before because I guess it was my old baseline and so how my brain felt always seemed normal to me. But after a few short weeks of treatment, I could tell that my mind has been in a cloud, just slightly out of phase with the rest of the world.

My experiences have always been filtered through this fog and my brain had to work twice as hard just to process everyday events.

No wonder I was tired all of the time! But now I am locked into phase with the rest of the world and finally I have found some rest; some relief.

My problems have not gone away, but they do not overwhelm and debilitate me anymore. I actually feel that whatever comes, I will be able to handle it.

I feel like a normal member of society rather than the cautious on-looker I have always been.

The skeptic in me can almost not believe how miraculous the effects have been, and so I hesitate to say I am cured, but if these results continue, well I can’t think of a better way to say it. All of the possibilities of life that were always open to me, I could not enjoy because I could not engage with the world.

My depression kept me isolated. People’s misunderstanding of my illness kept me on the sidelines. At 41, I am so excited to finally get in the game. I finally get to play!’

Phil J.


“I have a student receiving NFB, and I see major differences in her work, her mother sees changes in her attitude and most importantly, she sees the improvements in herself. Her reading comprehension and attention has improved to the point that she no longer receives special services in school in these areas. Not only has her academics improved, but her self-confidence and motivation are much higher.”

Erin M.